Montag, 5. November 2012

Review BH-Cosmetic PARTY GIRL

hey girls,

before I show you my autumn must-haves I would like to share my experience with the Limited Edition "Party Girl" Palette from BH-Cosmetics.
I had many different palettes of different brands but so far I have never found the perfect one for me. Until I found the Party-Girl Palette!

BH-Cosmetics has a very large and good selection of palettes. They come in different sizes, colors and pigmentation. I think the pigmentation of the shimmer palettes are much better than the pigmentation of the mats. ( Tropical Shimmer 88 vs. Cool Mattes 88)

 The Party Girl has shiny and matte colors and they are both so amazing. 
 The Colors are easy to apply and also easy Removal. You have a good Variety of Colors and they all look great together, so you can do a lot of  Make-up looks.

I think that the PARTY GIRL was made especially for me. There is no color that i don't like.
THANK YOU BH-Cosmetics, the PARTY GIRL is my girl!!

One more thing: The palette was extremely cheap. I bought it at REDROX COSMETICS for about 18,00€.  And it can really be compared with mac but as we all know mac is more expensive..

So I hope you liked my Review. This was the first time and I would appreciate your feedback.

much love, I.

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