Montag, 26. November 2012

Online-Shopping - What makes you happy?

Hey Girls,

The last days have been very stressful for me. I can not remember when I last been in town. You can not imagine how horrible this is for me. Even if I do not buy anything at least once a week I have to go to a shopping center. Just walk, look at the latest trends with an ice cream in hand.

The fact that I no longer remember it scares me. I feel really unbalanced. Some go to the gym and I go to the mall. That's what makes me happy.

So my mood is not completely destroyed, and I fall into a deep depression, I saw only one solution. ONLINE SHOPPING!

I'm usually not a big fan of online shopping but I have had no other choice.

I bought some Products at REDROX COSMETICS. And I bought a few pieces of jewelry and clothing. But I would not give too much away. In the next post I'll introduce you to the products.

Leave a comment and tell me what makes you happy. What helps you to keep your balance?
Until then, stay healthy and happy. Do what makes you happy!

Much Love ♥

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