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MenHelp - How to find the perfect gift

CHRISTMAS TIME - It's that time again. Whether we like it or not. The Christmas season is starting. Shopping centers gets more and more decorated. Christmas markets are opened. Everything shines in red and gold. And like every year, our men get panic.

But it is never as hard as you think - I will show you how you get your ladies, sisters or mothers happy!!

Basically, it's so easy to find that perfect gift.
Because everybody knows women love make-up, jewelry and fragrances.
The "difficult" part for you is to choose the right one. Guess how you can find it ?... Come on guys just let your women choose !
Give her a beauty advent calender full of different products. And that keep watching...
Every day she will get a different small product and you'll have maximum of 3 weeks time to figure out her favorite one.
Just before xmas and after her favorites were analyzed, you go to the next shop and buy her favorite products -
It's just can't go wrong ;-)

The best way to find a beauty advent calender is online. I'll pick three examples for you.

1. I find this one here .

It includes 4 eyeshadows, 4 nail varnishes, 2 Rouge, 3 lip glosses, 3 lipsticks, 1 lip liner, eye pencil, paintbrush, pencil sharpener, nail file, storage box, 3-pc. Brush, 1 Nagelstickerset.

You  can get it for 19,99€

 2. This pretty calender is from here.

   I couldn't find any information of the content which is quite annoying. But in the picture you can see many   fragrant samples.

It's only for 14,95€.

3. The last one is from here.

 It includes
2x Powder, 2x Body Lotion, 3x Eyeshadow, 2x Lip liner, 1 mirror, 1 eyeliner, lip gloss 2x, 3x lipstick, rouge 3x, 2x nail polish, 1 mascara, 1 flip flop, 1 applicator. And you get it for 19,00€.

 So I hope I could give you some input for your coming christmas with your beloved women.
If you want more helpful tips please leave me a comment!

Much love, I.

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