Sonntag, 11. November 2012


Hey beauties,

Instead of complaining about autumn, I would just like to share with you the positive aspects. Because in every season you have your own special favorites ... I found on various blogs and the videos the "I Love Fall TAG" and I thought these questions are very well suited for sharing my favorites with you. So let's do it...


1.What is your favorite lipstick?

In this season I'm wearing the lipstick
Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Mauve. I'm also in Love with the         Revlon lipbutter in SugarPlum.

2.What is your favorite nail polish?
  I love wearing black nail polish. But my favorite nail polish is from Essie, the color bordeaux.

3.What is your favorite hot beverage?
I love to drink tea. I like green tea and fruits tee but I often try new varieties.

4. You favorite scented candle?
Currently my sense of smell is spoiled by mulled wine candles.

5.What is your favorite scarf or accessories?
My accessories are gold-colored and less subtle. I like to wear big and fluffy scarfs.

6. Have you ever been at a Halloween event? - Halloween party or park?

7. What is your favorite Halloween movie?
I have no special Halloween movie, because I do not generally like creepy stories.

8. Your Halloween outfit?
I think I'd just go without makeup. That would be creepy enough. ;)

9. What do you like the autumn season - and what does not?
I Enjoy the colors, the last rays of sunlight and go for a walk a lot. I don't like that the days gets shorter and I don't like the cold weather.

Now It's your turn. Please tell me your  fall favorites :)

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