Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012

Here we go

hey Guys,
how are you doing? It's a pleasure to see you here. ♥

So if you're wondering why I changed the language from German to English - it's pretty clear ... because I have to!

I'm studying journalism and public relations at Westfälische Hochschule in Gelsenkirchen and I am currently in my fifth semester. I am in a course called "Social Media", where I have to write blog posts and tweets in English.
I created this blog a while ago and I thought this is a chance for a restart :-)
SORRY! My English is not so good. But I will give my best. 

Here we go 

So what's Ikilicious - It's just how my friends call me; a mix of my name and the word delicious. I never understood exactly why they called me so but it sounds pretty cool right? ;-)

I'm gonna write about girls stuff like fashion, lifestyle and beauty. I hope you'll like it and share your opinion with me! 

See you soon and never forget:  Act like a lady, think like a boss

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