Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Fluffy to Go

Hey Ladies, 

One thing is certain: it's autumn. But still I could not give up my favorite summer blouse.

This chic blouse is combined with a basic skirt from H&M.  Black ankle boots look simple but elegant. The fluffy pink cardigan gives the whole a cheeky charm. Always with me: Gold accessoires. 
I like to wear the brown bag with this Outfit. I think the bag works very well with the cardigan. 

Now it’s your turn. What do you think about my summer blouse outfit for fall? Go or no Go? Let me know about it! I look forward to your answers ;-)

Love I.



  1. I really love the blouse for Fall! Let´s fight against winter!! :) You will have still enough time for big sweaters and jackets! :)

  2. Uiuiui i don´t like to talk to you in english because it´s too bad!

    Ich freu mich!

    War letztens wieder in Essen, aber leider hast du nicht gearbeitet und irgendwie konnte ich ja nicht schon wieder so viel Geld ausgeben ;)

    Freut mich das du wieder angefangen hast! Und der Style gefällt mir echt gut!


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